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Friends of Nicholas Hawksmoor School

Better Together
FoNHS commitment to the improvement of the school is evident in the resources that have been funded by the team. These include: new laptop computers, the fantastic trim trail, new PE sheds, gazebo and many other vital resources that benefit our children. The unwavering support they provide is crucial in these times of austerity as we continue to strive for better facilities and equipment for the education of all our children.
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All About Us

FoNHS is an excellent way to bring together parents, teachers and others to raise money and support the school. It provides the opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. All parents, grandparents, carers, friends and teachers can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available.

The FoNHS team is a dedicated group of volunteers that work tirelessly for all the pupils at Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School. Even if you're not able to come to the meetings but would like to help, then please contact us on  

Our main objectives are:

• To raise funds to help the school provide "extras" for the pupils

• To run social events for parents and children

• To engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment which support the school

The school will benefit from the additional funds and this will give parents the opportunity to be more involved in their children's school life.

Over the last few years we have provided some excellent facilities for the school, including the Trim Trail, Nursery Climbing Frame, Gazebo/Outdoor Classroom, Forest School All Weather Suits and the list goes on...

We raise this money through holding various different events throughout the year:-

Firework night - our biggest event. The Summer Fayre, Bingo Nights, MUFTI Days, Mother's and Father's Day sales, Raffles, Car Boot Sales, Bag2School collections and Second Hand Uniform Sales.

We also support school run events, like Sports Days, New Parent’s evenings and much more.

What is a MUFTI day?

MUFTI days are where the children can wear their own clothes (occasionally themed) are a valuable resource for FoNHS.

It gives us the opportunity to gather prizes or gifts that we need for upcoming events.

These events normally generate better sums of money for the school than just asking for a financial donation.  For example, in the summer children wear mufti and bring a donation towards the Summer Fair.  These are usually small items such as chocolates, bottles of bubble bath, stationery and biscuits.

Thank you for your kind donations.