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Pupil Leadership

The aim of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s School Council is to involve pupils in decision making in and around the school. We help lead and direct fundraising projects and whole-school events as well as raising the profile of how children and schools can be involved in the wider community. On such matters, we discuss any points raised and vote on a course of action. Usually, at the beginning of the academic year, a representative from each class is voted in to office. The older councillors in years 5 and 6 help keep the minutes, plan agendas and chair the meetings. Other teachers, staff and governors may attend the meetings and get involved in discussions or projects.

We were completely thrown by Lockdowns and all the disruption that brought with it and so during 2020 to 2021 the council only managed four events in the school calendar - a Foodbank collection at Harvest, Children in Need Day, selling Remembrance Day merchandise and a celebration of English-ness on St George's Day.

Because the children had so little experience of their role, this year is beginning with the last councillors still in office until January. For this period of time we are intending to meet on alternate assembly mornings each week and then conclude December with a handover to a completely new set of students who will see out the rest of 2022


During 2021 and 2022 we aim to continue raising awareness of, contributing to, and being involved in good causes; reinstituting and running our school shop, connecting up with the other 2 school councils in our Trust and taking a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament. There are also ideas afoot for a school newspaper, planting wildflowers in our flower boxes and making more of our school notice board - so that our presence is raised around the school 

We are continuing to examine ways in which we could make a practical difference to our school environment and intend to pursue ideas that make a real difference to the beauty, diversity, sustainability and ecological standard of our school community.




Besides our latest initiatives, we have also been examining the benefits of registering with Terracycle again and seeing if it is still worthwhile becoming a collection/recycling point within the community for things like pens of all shapes and sizes, plastic packaging for used laundry and cleaning products,used packaging for dishwasher products and so forth. We'll be letting you know more on that later.

It is a great opportunity to be involved beyond the classroom and as next year approaches and we anticipate our new councillors doing great things, we hope the pupils will take the school on from strength to strength.