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We have really enjoyed lots of different themes throughout the term. We have been thinking all about ourselves and enjoyed a visit from the life bus where we learnt all about keeping our bodies healthy. We also spent some time thinking about the season Autumn, looking about the world around us and how it changes. Some of our other themes have been about Space, Colours, Christmas and Shows. Our topics will continue to be derived on a weekly basis from our observations of the children's interests, information from our Balloons and Tapestry uploads. Please keep us informed if there is a topic or area that your child is particularly interested in through use of our Balloon display in the entrance. 




       Making icing planets!                      Fun in the autumn leaves


We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Engine! The children were excited to have a go in the back of the fire engine. One of the firemen dressed up as if they were ready to go to a fire, he showed us all of the special things he had to wear, including his helmet, coat, boots and gloves! We even got to have a go at squirting the hose across the car park! It was great fun!


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